How its Made


New wallets on there way. 

Monument wallets have been known for their sleek design and comfort. As a cyclist you never realize how bulky your wallet is until you stuff it in your jersey pocket. This wallet is designed to only carry what your really need, and leave out any unwanted cards, recipes and random papers out of your wallet.

Essentials Bike Tools

These are some tools that I use each time I need to fix my 1980 fixed gear converted Peugeot bike. Spare parts that I carry in my box are chain-links, rubber glue, head-set, bottom-bracket, loose and caged bearings, bottom brackets, random bolts, and toe clip straps. If you are in need of some help with your bike let me know and ill be glad to help you out with any thing you may need.
1.Vintage Tool Box
2.Wire cutters
3.Antique oil can
4.Park Tool HCW-17 Lockring Wrench
5.Home made chain whip (stay tuned for the ‘how to’ vid.)
6.Phillip head/Flat head screwdriver
7.Park Tool CCP-22 Crank Puller
8.Alltrade, 8″ Adjustable Wrench
9.Great Neck 9pc Allen Wrench
10.11″, 10″, 3/8″, & 5/8″ Wrench

Inspired By This Weekend

A quick recap for you of this weekend.

Attended a benefit concert.

Saw my boy Em’OH kill it and heard some fresh tracks.

Funds were raised for an incredible organization called Teen Challenge.

…and now, stay tuned for something that will require all of your collective efforts and generousity to be made a reality. I will be taking a risk, all in the name of community over everything, and what has been a dream of mine since the beginning of MONUMENT.

Thank you all for you support on everything this humble little brand has done and tried to do and I ask that that support continue with the foreseeable and distant future.

Peace friends.