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“Our Custom Fixed Gear Line allows you to express your style, and yourself in ways other bikes can’t. Create one and have it become a part of who you are and how you live life.”

We offer two bike lines, the Custom Fixed Gear Line and the Classic Line.

Custom Fixed Gear Line – Customization Offered
– Custom Colored Rims and Hubs.
– Handle Bars/Grips.
– Saddle Colors.
– Chain Colors.
– Front, Back, or no brakes. (optional)
– Frame Color, Black or White. (more colors optional through powder coat. avg. $80+)
– Colored Cranks

“Our Classic Line keeps the self expression in your bike in a more affordable way. Create it, within your budget and value it as you value everything defining you.”

Classic Line – Customization Offered
– Frame Colors.
– Crank Colors.
– Handle Bars/Grips.
– Chain Colors.
– Saddle Colors.

(Classic Line Photos Coming Soon)