Big Bear Test Run…

As usual, I like giving myself a test run on ventures like this when possible. 50 miles and 5,000 ft. of climbing by no means is an incredible endeavor, but I also liken myself to having the average fitness level of a 40 year old dude who rides on weekends and has too much good food and whiskey on all other days off the bike. 🙂

Why do I punish myself via a single speed run up this wonderful mountain? Because the inception of this idea was a selfish one, collect sponsors, get cool stuff, and spread my adventure via social media.

After, realizing the good a humble event like this could cause I asked fellow cyclist to join me and also asked that they donate to the same charities I have picked to benefit from our punishing ourselves up a mountain on two wheels.

So this Sunday marks round two of this journey and I hope it acts as inspiration to all of you (cyclist, or not) to take your passions and dream up a way to help your communities in the same way I used mine!


Ivan @diseno__


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