Crossiebro CX Race II

The Second Installment of our Crossiebro CX Races! It’s going to be a HOT one so be ready folks! We have a similar, yet very fun and technical, course for you this time around!

Go read up on the last CX Race we hosted to know what to expect, and do NOT miss out! Too few off – road races are hosted in SoCal. BBQ, Water Guns, Cow Bells, and Mad Good Times! No CX specific bike? No problem! Just “Run What You Brung”!

April’s Race Recap –

***Spectatorship STRONGLY Encouraged***


– 1 Miles Course
– Laps (TBA)
– Decent, Slight Climb, Sharp Turns, Sand Pits, Horse Crap (Oh Ya!)
– Meet at 7:30am Race at 8:00am

#wedoitwrongbutwedoitright #runwhatyoubrung #crossiebro


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