What’s In The Stable?

Over the last 4 years of me having dedicated myself to cycling and my accumulation of bikes I figured it necessary to begin documenting the process my bikes go through; from acquisition, through upgrades, and maybe answer some questions you have along the way.

I have a lot of friends ask me, “Where do I buy an affordable bike? How can I learn simple maintenance? Where can I get a bike to just get me to work? …school? …run errands on? I want to get in shape! I want to go on those cool camp/bike trips you do!”

and the list goes on…

So, below you’ll see what I am starting with; a Budget Cruiser/Commuter, a Tour Specific Bicycle, a Road Bicycle, and the ever popular (and incorrectly labeled as “Fixie”) Track Bike.

Continue reading, I hope these series of posts (that will be ongoing as long as I am upgrading my stable) will inspire you to make that first purchase you’ve been itching for, try your hand at building a bike, and clarify some of those questions you have had for some time. And, in any case always feel free to message me! ivan@monumentbike.com

My Diamondback Mountain Bike-Cruiser
I asked my good friend Daniel Olmedo if he could help me out with building a daily commuter for those short local trips. So he literaly pieced this little beauty together from all the spare parts he’s collected over time. We will visit this build more in detail for all of you looking to build something in an extremely affordable manner.

My Peugeot Tourer
This incredible bicycle was purchased as just a frame and pair of wheels. It’ll take some time to go over every item purchased to restore it and bring it to all it’s touring glory, but it’ll definitely be educational and inspiring!

My Aventon Track
This gorgeous frame was donated to me by the great people at Aventon Bikes for me to complete Climb For A Cause on. A simple build, but I will still go into detail on this one. You’d be surprised how easy it is to do it wrong when building a Track Bike.

My Diamondback Podium Road
Building and riding Track Bikes was what hooked onto cycling from the beginning. After some time of saving for my first road (and searching for the best deal around as usual) I decided to make a Diamondback Podium the first Road Bike I’d own. I’ve done very few upgrades to this one, but I will also explain the process of purchasing a great entry level bicycle and what upgrades to go for and why.


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