#CROSSIEBRO: Full Recap!

“Mountain Bike Cross’ are the new Fixies” – Luis, 3rd To Podium.

Our biggest fear was having our Unsanctioned CX Race, in a National Park, on Horse Trails, being shut down.

It couldn’t have turned out better, beside a couple angry horse riders, (all the others where incredibly welcoming and patient with us, as where the racers with them) the race went off without a hitch. Local Crossiefoos came out for a HOT and dusty day of CX Racing, BBQ, and, best of all, the spectatorship made it to be a very well rounded event for all.

Complete with sand pit, tight forest-like single track trail, compact dirt and straight-aways made the one mile course challenging and entertaining, for spectators and racers alike. Congrats to Arin of Opprime Cycling, Brad, and Luis of Canyon Velo, making podium in order mentioned with Beto coming in a close 4th. Cash Pot, Monument Merch, and Bragging Rights where what these dudes where racing for.

Our drive for creating this event was to give others a chance at something seemingly impossible to compete in unless; in incredible shape, on an official team, and at an expensive sanctioned race. So many underground races lack the dimension of spectatorship as well, why? Because there isn’t anything for you if you aren’t racing and your BF/GF/Family Member isn’t there to just watch you compete. Too many people in our community have the desire to simply attend these events and interact with those who love cycling as much as the competitors do, but can’t, that is why we hosted a BBQ as well. As a way for everyone, racer and spectator, to commune over the love of the sport and the company of those like-minded individuals for a day.

We can’t thank everyone enough for all they did to make this event possible…

Daniel “Goodtimes” Olmedo for the Tailgate BBQ, and Co – Host. “Sampy” Arechiga for the incredible recap and promo videos below, Alexis Serafin of Opprime Cycling and The Alley Rats! for Assist. Photography, and all the Crossiefoos and all the spectator family, friends, and girlfriends that made it out to watch and eat!

The next one will be announced towards mid summer so be ready for a HOT HOT HOT #CROSSIEBRO!

Video Recap by Samuel Arechiga

Photo Recap by D. Olmedo Photography on our Flickr

Further Photo Recap by Alexis Serafin on The Alley Rats Flickr

Be at the next #CROSSIEBRO!


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