Climb For A Cause: Recap

2012 has left me with some great memories, and accompishments, such as my Climb For A Cause.

It might not have been the toughest climb of all, it was in all actuality very do-able by most amateur riders, it didn’t require the most intense amount of training, but what I observed to be most incredible was the inspiration it sparked in those close to me. The fact that such a simple event could bring together all those that it did for one cause, that to me was the most amazing part of the ride.

I can’t thank all those enough who supported me with Climb For A Cause, Enjoy the Video and the Photo Sets below!

Photoset by: Eli Ayala Photography


Trackosaurus rex

Golden Saddle Cyclery

The Alley Rats!

Takeover LA


Eli Ayala Photography

Daniel Olmedo


Sam Archeaga



Golden Saddle Cyclery

SOON Media Group



The Alley Rats!


Daniel Olmedo

Shout Outs:

Felipe Gutierrez (For randomly showing up on the mountain)
Daniel Rubio (For all the cheers coming from the car’s sunroof)
Voler (For printing me a dope jersey)
Alexis and Beto (For tagging along and pushing me through it)

Photo recap by Eli Ayala Photography

Video recap by Sam Archeaga

Driver/Mechanic: Daniel Olmedo

and so much more…

What will 2013 bring for me?


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