Climb For A Cause

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Here’s the deal friends, at the end of November I (Ivan) will be embarking on the toughest ride I have done yet. I will be needing your support in this…

**Cyclists, this is invite only/solo ride. Clicking attending means you are pledging to donate financially to the cause. A mountain climb will be organized in the future. Thank you for being so understanding**

– This is how the ride will work.

A climb up to Big Bear City, Ca. from the bottom of the mountain. 40 miles and about 5,000 feet of climbing all done on a track bike (no gears). I will have a chase car for myself carrying all my spare parts, tools, etc. along with a photographer on board to document the ride.

I will be asking people in my community and online to make a financial pledge for every mile I complete and or that I make it to the top, it will be your choice. All the donations will be given to a national non profit organization called Teen Challenge who seek help, shelter, counseling, and rehabilitation for runaway and at risk youth.

If you think this ride is crazy enough or the cause is noble enough I would love nothing more than your moral and financial support in this. Obviously, the more we can raise the better, Me by riding, and You by pledging.

– How do you pledge and donate?

I will post a link to a Paypal Account I will set up for donation purposes as we get closer to the ride. Once I’ve completed the ride you make your pledged donation.

You can pledge by clicking attending on this event and commenting below what you are willing to contribute, or message me personally.

– Support.

Let’s show some support, click attending if you’re pledging, and pass this event around, invite friends and family to pledge as well. Let us show everyone we are willing to stand up and make a difference. Thank you 🙂



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