Tour To Santa Barbara Becomes Tour Of O.C.

My friends Pablo, Daniel “Goodtimes”, and I began our tour Friday noon. Headed through Corona, and then to O.C. via the Santa Ana River trail. With no real plan as to where our lodging would be, we made it to Costa Mesa, had lunch at The Gypsy Den, and napped at a park down the street wondering what our next stop might be. We knew of a local church that would possibly be willing to help us out so we road up into Garden Grove, found some amazing people that allowed us to sleep on the Garden Grove SDA Church grounds. With the tarp out, cozy in our sleeping bags and warm pizza in our bellies we rested for the next day’s ride.

Day two called for us to commute by train up to Ventura, and from there ride 60 miles to Santa Barbara. After purchasing our tickets and chit chatting with the Metrolink operator we learned that the train doesn’t go up to Ventura on weekends, No! Not wanting to spend $50 round trip for train tickets we decided to tour through Irvine, then into Laguna Hills, up PCH, and crash at Newport Beach. Beach naps, swimming, and lunch was what made day two incredible. Our amazing friend Danny Leon invited us to crash at his house in Garden Grove so we toured back up to his place and crashed in his backyard. After gorging ourselves at Lucille’s ofcourse.

On day three we where treated to an amazing breakfast by Danny’s mom (she felt bad that we slept outside) then hopped back on the Santa Ana River Trail headed back home.

The SB tour was a bust, but we lived the lives of homeless beach/city tourists and that definitely made for a fun weekend!

Enjoy the photos over at our Flickr site. Go ride your bike…now!


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