Fixed, Spoken Word

I was inspired to write this poem after thinking about  all the danger we put ourselves through each time we ride our bike in the street and each time we race, It called:

“A Dangerous Game We Play”

Packing our bags, clipping our feet to our pedals.
It’s a dangerous game we play, riding towards Jukai that is.
Where the trees have been replaced, and steel is what remains,
And the roaming creatures run fast night and day, restless, through the never ending roads.

It’s a dangerous game we play.
Some enter fearless knowing how to play the game,
But fall in arms of Jukai, becoming part of his life.
Others escaped untouched, and some escape containing nothing more then his mark.

It’s a dangerous game I have played,
I have escaped Jukai many times before.
It’s a race we try to win and our life we put on the line,
This dangerous game we play is called a messenger race.

Hope you enjoyed, leave any question you might have, or a positive feed back.


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