My Near “Road Rage” Attack By A White Trash Man In A Diesel Truck… Phew!

This is a recap of what happened to me at the Un-Godly hour of 4am this morning, and the lessons learned, and what has given me enough to laugh about for the next 2 months.

Yes, I ran the red light when I shouldn’t have… but at 4am no one is on the road. Or so I thought this morning. I ended up cutting off a driver in his diesel truck (why couldn’t it have been a vespa, or little hybrid dammit). He honked, I flipped him off and took off. The dude then decides he’s Paul Walker in FATF, reverses his truck and takes off after me.

He yells “Ima run you over!” And continues his chase after me while I sprint against traffic on the other side of the road divider.

FYI: I work at Starbucks.

So I take the back entrance to my store, thinking “I lost that crazy MotherF*****”

Nope, he parks right at the front of the store, jumps out and comes at me. I was on the phone with the cops by that time and hearing me give his description to the operator tells me “I just wanna talk man”

F*** you do bro!

He jumps back in his truck, tries playing tough in front of his beast of a wife and says he’ll wait for the cops too. Sweet.

I tell him I gave them the plates and he decides it’s in his and his beast’s best interest to book it.

The End.

Words of Wisdom From This Experience.

– Just don’t flip people off, it’s a waste of time and there are some crazy bitches out there.

– Call the cops the second you’re able to and make it known.

– Don’t instigate, yell back, etc. It’s best to honestly be able to give a clean side of your story to make sure the other side has nothing to blame on you.

– Ride safe, keep your eyes open even if you’re half asleep at 4am headed to work.

So how did you start off your morning? 🙂


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