BK Midnight Fundraiser Race: Recap

Click the photo above to peep the Flickr Album.

There’s Ninja’s Everywhere! Wow… – David of R.B.O.N CLUB

This race was a fundraiser to support the Bicycle Kitchen‘s efforts to obtain their new location in Los Angeles (which they have already gotten!) and to help them with the remodeling and operation of the new shop. Everyone’s generosity helped raise just over $100 dollars, all going straight to the BK!

Here is your full recap on the Midnight Race since you missed out! We had just over 30 racers make it out and I got to see a lot of brand new faces, and made some new friends that I hopefully can be riding with soon (If I can keep up!). Most importantly NO ONE was hurt or injured and that in itself is a success 🙂

The race consisted of a 2 lap loop through Down Town Riverside totaling 28.8 miles, (these boys where hustlin’). I saw some great competition, but the support they all had for each other at the end of it all was dope to see, thank you to everyone that gave me the opportunity to organize this for you guys and may we have tons more successful races and events to come!

The official Thank You’s

The Alley Rats – Congrats on 1st Road Peter, and my boys it’s always good times having you guys around.

Mobbin’ Monday – Can’t thank you enough for the support out from your town and congrats Alvin on 1st Fixed/Overall.

Eli Ayala Photography – For sending me over these dope photos and giving the event a proper visual recap (I need you in my life all the time! haha)

Forazter – Thanks for keeping all the guys safe in the chase car and huge thanks for making it out!

R.B.O.N – New Tees look dope and thank you for letting me swoop a couple! Good times kickin’ it with David while waiting for the racers.

Girlfriends – It’s always sweet seeing racer’s girlfriends support them, glad you ladies made it out!


1st Road Peter Reyna

2nd Road Omar

1st Fixed Alvin

2nd Fixed Alex

Community Over Everything. Peace.


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