Art Meets Cycling

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me.


3 thoughts on “Art Meets Cycling

  1. Hi! This may be a stupid question but I can’t seem to figure out where the frame opens up for the belt to go in or out. I did see an allen head screw right above the drop out but it still doesn’t look like it opens anything up. Any chance you could enlighten me? Great blog by the way!

    • odran037 – that is actually a really good question, and something I hadn’t thought about haha! I did some quick research and I’m not sure how it goes onto the frame I posted in the “Art Meets Cycling” post, but it may work something like this —> Trek Belt – Driven Bicycles Design Case Study. I did some quick research and found this article, hope it helps!

      And I’m glad you enjoy the blog! Let me know if there is something you’d like seeing on here. Just a couple cyclist doing and creating what we love.

      • Thanks for the reply! That was really cool. I’ve seen a similar system before with an opening for the belt to go into but the bike from your post still boggles my mind since there seems to be no opening anywhere. That actually make it even more impressive since its so clean you can’t even see it. I’d love to know where its hidden though.

        Have you ever ridden a belt driven bicycle? I haven’t. Would love to though.

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