Monument X Alley Rats Picnic/Poker Ride Recap


Dope, Dope, Dope! Still pumped from the ride, it was full of great times, and amazing dudes.

Quick recap, we met at our local Sbux, road out to Fairmont Park via the Santa Ana River Trail and did what we do best, kicked it. After a track stand competition, circuit race around the park, and skid comp we all went our seperate ways home.

I was super happy to see some new faces, make some new friends, and best of all was being able to cruise with all kinds of riders. Had a roadie join us (our boy Peter Reyna), some trick riders, track, and townie riders. True community in our little group sharing a Sunday ride.

Can’t wait for the next one and I hope more of you can join us next time! Enjoy the recap photos and click on them to check out the Photo Set on our Flickr.

Poker Ride Winner

(Thanks for buying chips for all of us with your winnings brotha! :))

Circuit Race Winners

1st Overall/Road – Peter

2nd Overall/1st Fixed – Samp

3rd Overall.2nd Fixed – Juan

Track Stand Winner – Samp

Skid Comp Winners

1st – Carlos


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