A Night Of Sprints

Awesome night! Stopped by the Riverside Bike Club meeting where our buddies at Pursuit where hosting their Goldsprints for the club. Went for a couple rounds till my lungs nearly exploded. (Marty, I am privileged to say I tied with you, even if you where going easy on me!) After that I cruised on home on my fixed and as I’m getting home a black Beamer stalls at a stop sign. I figure I’ll conserve momentum and pass him on his left in the opposing traffic lane. Dude starts speeding up with me so I tell myself “Oh it’s on brotha!” and the drag race commenced. Leg power versus Beamer power. As you have already guessed I totally annihilated him…… ok fine…… It was on a down hill, he barley revd, and we tied! But when I looked to my right I could see him in the driver seat looking at me with the biggest smile on his face and at that moment I knew I made his night, and that made mine. So spread the joy of riding friends and never stop! – Ivan


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