Riverside to San Diego Tour Summary

It’s been a couple days now since the tour, I, Ivan from Monument and two other buddies from Team PCR had a blast! We have now come home to rest up recover and get back to reality. (the dream that is bike touring is so much better!) We had some amazing experiences, bombed some amazing hills, climbed some b***** a** hills, camped, explored San Diego, ate sushi, and overall CONQUERED. Two road/tour bikes and one fixed gear, 135 miles, Two days. Here are some pics from the tour, follow the link to see more on our flickr page. Monument Flickr


4 thoughts on “Riverside to San Diego Tour Summary

  1. This looks like a great trip! Could you tell me about your route? I’m trying to find a way to ride from Riverside to San Diego. Did you follow I-15, or take the Santa Ana trail to the coast, and then go south? Thanks for your time —

    • Chris sorry for the delay, I was one of the three on the tour, but relied on the others for navigation, couldn’t tell you the exact route, but deff can find out for you! I know we took the Santa Ana River trail from Riverside to Irvine area and took a main street in Irvine (not sure of the name) all the way South I believe to avoid PCH through Laguna due to all the hills. once past that area we hopped onto PCH to our frist stop which was San Onofre. We camped there and the next day continued on PCH, had to hop on the free way for about 8 miles starting at Camp Pendelton then back onto some bike trails to Downtown San Diego. That’s the jist of it not sure if it gives you a better idea of how to get there. We’ll stay in touch and let me know if you need me to get you a more accurate route!

      • Thanks for your reply! I appreciate the tips! I’ll have to let you know how it goes if I get the cojones to ride it. =) – Chris

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