Happy Birthday, Phil Anderson!!

Phil Anderson was born in London March 12, 1958. Anderson has a reputation as an amateur for crashing, won the Tour of New Zealand in 1977, the Australian team time-trial championship at Brisbane in 1978, and that year he also won the Commonwealth Games road race in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He was just 19 at the time.
Anderson turned professional in 1980, and road for Team Peugeot; one of the oldest French teams. The first season he was in the team he was able to win two races, the Prix de Wetteren and a stage in the Étoile des Espoirs. He latter moved to Lokeren, Belgium, to ride criteriums. He said

It was a big change; I’d never lived out of home before, so that was a big difference, and then there’s the length of the races; you know all of a sudden you’re riding 200 km a day instead of back here you’d be racing 80 or 100 km a day; huge fields, you turn up at a race and you’d have 200 riders, 250 riders. It’s difficult because I was on a French team, and I felt that the French riders got priority, and I had to go a bit deeper or had to be a little better than some of my colleagues on the team. But that hardened me, and put pressure on me, and I think became part of my make-up in the end.

Anderson came fifth in the 1982 Tour de France , in which he held the white jersey of best young rider and once more on 1985. highlights were wearing the yellow jersey of the 1981 Tour de France and then again for nine days of 1982. He was the first rider from outside Europe to lead the race.

the bike that Phil Anderson road was the PY 10s. one of the best bike made by Peugeot.

But what i really like is the uniform, I think that sometime the best things are the most simplest designs ever.


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