PCR bike tour to SB!

sorry for the delay, but this is what happen on the bike tour.
1st day.- we got there and it was raining the whole day so we rode in the rain for about 3 hours looking for a hotel to stay the night.
2nd day.- the rain had not stopped and we just reserved the hotel for one night. so we tried to make it to the camp site, but it was to cold to ride. that night we ended up staying at a Denny’s gambling food all night.
3rd day.- it was the perfect day to ride there was no wind and the sun was out. we were able to make it to the camp site and that were we were able to have a good night sleep, and re-energize for the next morning.
4th day.- The last day. we took the train back to riverside, but three of us were left behind because all the bike rack were taken so we had to wait 4 hours until the next train came along.
well here is a short video on what happen on the trip. Enjoy!

check out the photos of PCR’s bike tour to Santa Barbara. we finally put them up on Flicker!


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