Velodrome Sunday

For $40.00, we will get bike rental, Instruction and track time.
On March 20th, we will need to be at the Velodrome by 8:30 am
We will need to bring Pedals, Shoes, Helmet, Water and Snacks
At 8:30 we will start getting the rental bikes and setting them up with our pedals, adjust seat, pump up tires, etc.
Once we have the bikes set up, we will sit through a short speech by the instructor, Andrew.
Depending on how many people come (and there probably wont be more than 20) Andrew will split us up into groups.
One group at a time will follow him around the track in various track positions starting on the apron and eventually on the blue line.
Once our training has officially ended, we may get the chance to stay and ride without the instructor.
Any time after we have completed this training, we can go back to the track for any open session and ride without limits.
IF you are really interested on going let me know, and ill put you down on the list.


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