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Its been a while since we’ve posted something on our blog, but we would like to let you all know that we have been working diligently on creating new products that will enhance your riding experience.  With that said, we would like here from you, let us know about your riding experience and and how we could make it better. Leave a comment with product ideas and suggestions. Tell us what your would like to see and how it will improve your daily ride.

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Climb With A Cause: Full Recap!


You have seen the sprinkles of hints and previews into my yearly Climb With A Cause event from various social media; and as incredible of an experience as it was it’s something I truly wish could be shared by many more cyclist and friends’ of cyclist over the years to come.

I began my trek up Highway 38 to end in Big Bear Lake. Parking at the Mill Creek Ranger Station located at the base of the mountain and riding the 40 – ish miles to Onyx Summit and then cruising down into the city.

I couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging group of guys to join me on the ride and to tag along in the support vehicles, because at the end of the day, and after all the questions regarding logistics, ratios used, training required, weather, etc. what it really amounted to was the old clichés: Mind Over Matter and Slow and Steady.

What I love most about hosting this event is the joy it brings to other cyclist who put their passion to work for the aid of others. And, the inspiration it brings to everyone else in proving you can do some good with the craft that defines you, and a little bit of hard work! :)


Click the photo above to view the full gallery!

Thank you to:

Media Team

– Sam Arechiga
– Eli Ayala
– Martin Fuerte

Support Vehicle Drivers and Personnel

– Seth Wallace
– Pablo Diaz
– Manuel Peralta
– Daniel Cervantes

This Year’s Attendees

– Beto Serafin
– Peter Reyna
– Oscar Ochoa
– Luis Perez

This Year’s Sponsors

– Jarritos
– Kufe Studios
– Knog
– Upness
– GU
– The Alley Rats
– Opprime Cycling
– Aventon
– TakeoverLA
– Quad Lock
– Jakroo
– Eli Ayala Photography
– Soon Media
– SPF Films

Climb With A Cause (Big Bear 2014) #photodump

Full recap is on its way! For now please enjoy this mix of DSLR and Instagram photos I’ve collected for you all and follow my Flickr Link to view the full set shot by my amazing friend Eli “Rookie” Ayala.

Have Fun!









Big Bear Test Run…

As usual, I like giving myself a test run on ventures like this when possible. 50 miles and 5,000 ft. of climbing by no means is an incredible endeavor, but I also liken myself to having the average fitness level of a 40 year old dude who rides on weekends and has too much good food and whiskey on all other days off the bike. :)

Why do I punish myself via a single speed run up this wonderful mountain? Because the inception of this idea was a selfish one, collect sponsors, get cool stuff, and spread my adventure via social media.

After, realizing the good a humble event like this could cause I asked fellow cyclist to join me and also asked that they donate to the same charities I have picked to benefit from our punishing ourselves up a mountain on two wheels.

So this Sunday marks round two of this journey and I hope it acts as inspiration to all of you (cyclist, or not) to take your passions and dream up a way to help your communities in the same way I used mine!


Ivan @diseno__