Climb With A Cause: Kit Pre-Order!

Climb With A Cause

DO NOT sleep on this “once and never again” chance to order the Climb With A Cause 2014 Kit!

Jakroo has been gracious enough to support the cause with 15% off all kit pre orders!

**Prices include tax, and shipping is free!**

Please include your email at check out for me to be able to contact you with sizing inquiries prior to placing kit orders through Jakroo in January.

Preorder here!

Climb With A Cause Update!

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Some of you where expecting to have cycled up to Big Bear with me this Thanksgiving weekend. Due to hitting some trademark issues with another (already Trademarked), I was told to cease the use of the name, had to rebrand the event, and merchandise, and thus postpone the date unfortunately.

Climb With A Cause, the new name the event will go by and the new date of the event is February 2nd, so there are high chances of hitting snow!

I am still finalizing all the details of the event, but for now I want to leave you all with this, The Climb With A Cause Kit Pre Order! Click the image below and head over to the online store! Go!

Aye Caramba Sprint No. 2!

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Our good friend Sam is throwing down another one for you all!

Click the flyer above for Facebook Event details.

Race will be like drag races, fixed and road will
be separate categories and we will have 1 winner for each
category. Parking will not be a problem so don’t panic.
Let’s have great race.

Spectatorship is STRONGLY encouraged so come out and cheer for someone! Can’t thank Sam enough for keeping the scene alive for out little town here!